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Harbor Cove, and what it signifies today, all began in 1962 when the owner of the land, Albert Blackburn and his partner, Leonard Tanner, decided to sell the uncleared land as 99 year lease lots.  Trailer Acres was thus formed.

1964 - 1967:  The recreation building (clubhouse), seawalls on the canals, and the marina were installed.   The Civic Association was established as a non-profit organization and was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida.  Shuffleboard courts and the laundry facility were built and streetlights were installed.
1968:  The Morris Trading Company purchased the Community and the new owners stopped selling lease lots, from that day on all lots were rental lots.  Trailer Acres' name was changed to Myakka River Manor. 
1969 - 1972:  The Boat Club and Boat Club Auxiliary were formed.  The swimming pool was built, Monday morning Bowling League and the Grandmothers Club were organized.  The library was started with books being donated from residents.  Monthly dances were held accompanied by live music.
1973 - 1974:  Mr. Sidney Adler and Mrs. Silverman purchased the Community and the name was changed to Harbor Cove.  The Civic Association became the Harbor Cove Civic Association.  The Recreation Hall was enlarged and modernized. Coffee hour social was held every Saturday morning.   The first annual Easter sunrise service was held.  The General Election of Sarasota County Precinct 042 started voting in the Hospitality Room.  A Civil Defense program for hurricanes, heavy storms, or any emergency was formed.
1975 - 1984:  During these years, many improvements were made in the Community through the generosity of the Community’s various Organizations.
1985 - 1986:  The Homeowners Association became incorporated (HMO). Two offers to purchase the Community were made to Mr. Adler by the Homeowners Association, but were rejected.  Five Parks Association was formed by neighboring parks and called themselves Myakka Middens.  Harbor Cove became a member of the Federation of Mobile Home Owners (FMO).   
1987:   The Community was sold to Clayton, Williams and Sherwood (CWS).  Bulk rate cable TV was introduced by the Civic Association.
1988 - 1995:  Harbor Cove was declared an Adult Community and officially recognized by the state in 1991.  CWS enlarged and remodeled the Recreation Hall.  Two bocce courts and a lap pool were installed.  In 1990, the Homeowners presented lifetime leases to all residents on rented lots and a second lifetime lease was offered and signed 1992.          
1996 – 1997:  In April 1996, the process to purchase the Community began through the FMO Conversion Service.  Planning meetings were held throughout the summer months.   In September, the FMO Conversion Service presented to the Homeowners Board a plan with a purchase price.   The Board approved the package and authorized a Letter of Intent.   In October, an offer was made but rejected.  A second offer was made in December; and in January 1997 the HMO announced the potential Community purchase.   Weekly meetings were held to keep all residents informed and on March 13, 1997 the purchase was finalized. The first Resident Owned Community (ROC) Board meeting was held on May 7.   After numerous meetings, Q&A’s, the final closing for the purchase of Harbor Cove was done on May 29, 1997.  On May 30, ROC received the keys.  (YES, WE DID IT!)
1998 - 2004:   Many needed improvements and renovations were completed under the new ownership of the Community.  In 2003, Harbor Cove Realty was established. 
2005:   The residents approved an amenities package which included renovating amenities already established along with the addition of new amenities. 
2006 - 2009:  The Office Building was replaced.  Renovations were made to the Main Entrance and Compound Storage Area.   Horseshoe Pits were relocated to our new North Recreational Area and updated.  Bocce Ball Courts were rebuilt adding two additional courts.  The new amenities included a Hot Tub and an Elevator to the 2nd floor of our clubhouse.  Two tennis courts were built in the new North Recreational Area along with a new Community Center housing Arts and Crafts, a Fitness Center, and a Woodworking Shop.  The North Recreational Area was dedicated in November 2009, signifying the completion of the Amenities Package.


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